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22.10.2016 McKinsey Study: Gig-Economy Workforce Is Bigger Than Official Data Shows in U.S., Europe
The study found that 20-30% of the labor force in both the U.S. and the EU-15 is now made up of independent workers who are self-employed or do temporary work.

18.10.2016 Designing a Workplace for the 21st Century Workforce
New research reveals that companies can improve workplace satisfaction and performance simultaneously among cohorts of women and Millennials by creating flexible work policies and fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration.

14.06.2016 What’s Next for Artificial Intelligence
Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Chinese Internet giant Baidu, on how AI will impact what we do for a living

01.12.2014 Global outlook for Gross Domestic Product Growth rates, 2014-2015
The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2015

12.11.2012 OECD: Looking to 2060: Long-term global growth prospects
While on balance the quantity of labour used in production will not be a major driver of growth, improvements in the quality of labour will.

01.09.2012 OECD Employment Outlook 2012
Unemployment across the OECD countries remains just below its post-war peak of 8.5% and looks likely to remain high over the next year or so. Roughly 48 million people are out of work: about 14.5 million more than when the financial crisis started in late

01.07.2012 OECD: Education at a Glance 2012
For some time now, the global education and economic landscapes have been in a state of rapid transformation, spurred in significant part by two key changes. The first is the continued ascent of the knowledge economy, which has created powerful new incent

28.07.2011 Reuters: HR software firms log gains in shifting job scene
The U.S. job market may be going through choppy times, but it has been a heady ride for companies that make software to help corporations hire, train and retain employees.

07.12.2010 CEO Compensation
The rapid rise in CEO pay over the past 30 years has sparked an intense debate about the nature of the pay-setting process. Many view the high level of CEO compensation as the result of powerful managers setting their own pay. Others...

04.11.2010 2010 Human Development Report analyses long-term development trends
Most developing countries made dramatic yet often underestimated progress in health, education and basic living standards in recent decades, with many of the poorest countries posting the greatest gains, reveals a detailed new analysis of long-term Human

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